A Dying Culture

A Dying Culture

Located in northeastern Uganda, Karamoja has about 1.2 million people with 9 districts- Kotido, Kaabong, Karenga, Nabilatuk, Abim, Moroto, Napak, Amudat, and Nakapiripirit. It has an abundance of minerals and several economic activities, but the community is largely dependent on cattle herding.

However, this region is characterized by harsh climatic conditions ranging from frequent droughts to high temperatures, with hot and dry winds all year round. Lately, the area has been experiencing erratic rains across its nine districts.

This shift in weather seasons is disrupting the traditional lifestyle of cattle keepers, especially the pastoralist majority who, for generations, have relied on livestock as their main source of subsistence. Short scattered torrential rains have also increased soil erosion and land degradation, which has contributed to poor harvests and food insecurity.

This documentary explores how Uganda’s pastoralist communities are transitioning from pastoralism to farming as pastures and food become scarce.

This story was supported by InfoNile with funding from IHE-Delft Water and Development Partnership Programme. Editing and data visualizations by Annika McGinnis.

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