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Tiny microplastics found in cosmetics, household cleaning products are secretly poisoning Lake Victoria

Using the Beat The MicroBead(BTMB) app, we randomly picked twelve cosmetics off a shelf in a supermarket to check if they contained microplastics.
Among the 11 products, 5 of them have microplastics in them. The products that have microplastic are; F and W exfoliating shower gel, Dove shower gel, Listerine Advanced Mouthwash(had sceptical microplastics), Pantene shampoo and conditioner and Johnson’s Face care gel wash. None of these products is a local product.
In humans, microbeads kill more than 1 million people. On average, an individual eats and inhales 70,000 plastic particles each year.

Finding Bread in Waste

Women’s group in Kisumu creates products from plastic trash and water hyacinth, and has sent almost 300 orphans to school.

Plastic Pollution of Lake Victoria in Uganda: Who is to Blame?

Polyethene, often used in bags, wrappers and films, contributes 60 per cent of analysed microplastic particles, thus making it the biggest of the plastic pollutants of Lake Victoria
Who is responsible for protecting the lake from pollution? What can be done to eradicate the said unsustainable human activities?

Reusing, Recycling to Stop Plastic Pollution in Lake Victoria

Up to 503,000 tonnes of plastic waste generated by Kenya; only 7% recycled.
A study revealed the presence of most microplastics in the vicinity of fish landing and recreational beaches.
The county government, local CBOs and youth groups are carrying out clean-up activities in Dunga Beach, Kisumu Kenya

Circular Economy Best Bet to Tackle Solid Waste Menace in Kenya

It is estimated that Kenya generates 22,000 metric tonnes of waste per day, with around 60 per cent of it being organic waste that can be recycled to something usable.

How carbon trade is a shield against poverty, climate change for Ugandan farmers

Carbon trading schemes have helped to improve the livelihoods of many small-scale agroforestry farmers in western Uganda.

What is driving Jipe Tilapia fish in Lake Jipe into near extinction?

By Janet Murikira In 2015 Nile Tilapine fingerlings were introduced on the Kenyan side of Lake Jipe The introduction of

State of Media Coverage Of The Nile: More Needs To Be Done

That the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project has polarized opinion and continues to do so, has never been in doubt. Neither is the fact that this dam project has inspired hot, nationalistic passions on either side of the argument.

Pangolins in the Dock

The pangolin is the world’s most trafficked mammal. No one truly knows its conservation status in Kenya. When COVID-19 broke out in early 2020, some medical researchers linked coronavirus to horseshoe bats. Other researchers suspected the malayan or javan pangolin to be the intermediate host of coronavirus before it jumped to human beings. But is the pangolin really guilty as charged?