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  • UN Report Roots for Investing in Green Energy Infrastructure to Fast-Track Africa’s Development

    02/07/2018 clip PAMACC News Agency

    PAMACC News Agency Energy consumption in Africa is the lowest in the world, and per capita consumption has barely changed since 2000 shows The Atlas of Africa Energy Resources, a report jointly published by the UN Environment and African Development Bank. Current energy production in Africa is insufficient to meet demand. About a third of […]

  • Why Is Climate Change Momentum Weakening in African Civil Society Organizations?

    01/24/2018 clip PAMACC News Agency

    PAMACC News Agency Several civil society organizations in Africa have been at the forefront of building momentum for vulnerable people on the continent and other developing economies to access climate justice. The voices were high and loud going into the UN Conference of Parties (COP21) on Climate Change which produced the historic Paris Agreement on […]

  • UN Boosts Initiative to Combat Environmental Health Risks

    01/12/2018 clip UN News Centre

    InfoNile Two United Nations agencies are teaming up in a major new initiative taking on the huge task of combating environmental health risks, which claim an estimated 12.6 million lives a year. The partnership, announced this week, between the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO), includes specific action to address air […]

  • IOM, USAID Improve Access to Clean Water, Safe Sanitation in South Sudan

    01/04/2018 clip Africa Newsroom

    Africa Newsroom The US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have launched a large-scale project to provide equitable access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services for people affected by the crisis in South Sudan while strengthening prevention of gender-based violence (GBV). South Sudan has one of the world’s […]

  • Growing Antimicrobial Resistance Linked To Discharge of Chemicals into Environment Worry UN Environment

    12/05/2017 clip PAMACC News Agency

    PAMACC News Agency December 5, 2015 Growing antimicrobial resistance linked to discharge of drugs and particular chemicals into the environment is one of the most worrying health threats today, according to new research from UN Environment that highlights emerging challenges and solutions in the environmental space. Launched during the United Nations Environment Assembly at UN […]

  • COP 23: Africa, World Leaders Sign Commitment for Faster Climate Action

    11/13/2017 clip PAMACC News Agency

    PAMACC News Agency November 13, 2017 Regional and local leaders attending COP23 in Bonn have made it very clear that global warming is worsening, and that its consequences are upon humanity. At a moment of escalating environmental crisis on land, air and sea, leaders including those from Africa signed the Bonn-Fiji Commitment on Sunday November […]

  • COP23: What The Least Developed Countries Expect from This Year’s UN Climate Change Negotiations

    10/10/2017 clip Water Journalists Africa

    Fredrick Mugira October 10, 2017 Ministers from Least Developed Countries have committed to ambitious climate action further urging global community to step up support at UN climate change negotiations in Germany next month. Ministers and Heads of Delegation from the Least Developed Countries (LDC) group met in Addis Ababa to discuss the priorities of the […]

  • Rescuing Lake Tana

    09/01/2017 clip The Ethiopian Herald

    By Dagim Terefe The spread of an invasive alien species is neither easy to manage nor easy to reverse, threatening not only biodiversity but also economic development and human wellbeing. According to the United Nation Environmental Programme (UNEP), native to the Amazon Basin in South America, water hyacinth (water weed) has emerged as a dangerous […]

  • Meet James Kairo: The Kenya’s Mangrove Man


    Wanjohi Kabukuru On a general talk, it appears as if the Gazi project was initiated a few years ago. However after spending a few days in this rural outpost is when one realises that the project is a culmination of years of determined study and quiet determination by a quiet researcher who decided to make […]

  • Plights of The Dugong: Why Kenya’s Dugongs are under Threat


    Kenneth Esau Oduol In the past, Dugongs were widely distributed along the southern coast of Kenya. However, over the years a decline in the index of species abundance and extent of occurrence has been reported. Kenyan Marine expert suspect that without targeted species conservation efforts in the immediate and longer term these numbers will reduce […]


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