Geodata journalism. Mapping stories on water issues in the Nile Basin.

Special Projects

  • Saving Swamps in East Africa


    InfoNile is marking World Water Day 2019 with 4 original multimedia stories on innovative solutions that are working to conserve wetlands in East Africa.

  • An Ancient River Divided


    Water is becoming scarcer for the half a billion people living in Africa’s Nile River basin. Will Nile countries come together to find solutions or will the shared waterway tear them apart? Journalists from around the basin explore in an original series of documentaries and podcasts.

  • Swamp City


    Special Project exploring how urbanization destroyed a critical Kampala wetland and why it matters. By Annika McGinnis and Fredrick Mugira

  • Global platform on disaster risk reduction: we need a drastic change of course

    05/25/2019 clip Africa Newsroom

    Africa Newsroom May 25, 2019 The impacts of climate change, associated sea level rise and extreme weather are amplifying as a result of record greenhouse gas levels and combining with urbanization, environmental degradation and water stress to produce interlocking crises. There needs to be a drastic change of course, according to the top global forum […]

  • UK Government allocates £8 million to drought response in Somalia

    05/25/2019 clip Africa Newsroom

    Africa newsroom May 25, 2019 The UK government is providing £8 million for humanitarian support to Somalis affected by the current drought. The funds will go towards providing food security, nutrition, clean water, basic health services and livestock vaccination; this extra support will provide a significant boost to those affected by the drought. Many thousands […]

  • Rising demand for sand worsens drought occurrence

    05/07/2019 clip Water Journalists Africa

    Water Journalists Africa May 07, 2019 With the global demand for sand and gravel standing at 40 to 50 billion tonnes per year, a new report by UN Environment reveals that aggregate extraction in rivers has led to pollution, flooding, lowering of water aquifers and worsening drought occurrence. The report Sand and sustainability: Finding new […]

  • Experts root for public involvement in conservation of Ethiopia’s national parks

    04/30/2019 clip Ethiopian Press Agency

    Wildlife conservation experts in Ethiopian are rooting for public involvement in conservation of national parks in the country to protect them from dangers such as bush burning. They says the public should be aware that any danger in natural resources also affects community’s life directly. Therefore, every stakeholder should protect and conserve the wildlife, wildlife […]

  • Uncontrolled wildfire burns Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains National Park


    Urgent help is needed to contain the fires, which have devastated 400 hectares of natural forest, grass and farmland in a world biodiversity hotspot By Dagim Terefe Uncontrolled wildfire is devastating Simien Mountains National Park in northern Ethiopia, killing threatened species and destroying hundreds of hectares of natural forest. The fires, both natural wildfires and […]

  • The Tree Helping Kenyan Farmers Beat Drought and Poverty

    04/02/2019 clip Thomson Reuters Foundation

    KIBWEZI, Kenya, March 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Worried that a drought could wipe out his crops back in 2000, farmer Jonathan Kituku Mung’ala remembered meeting agricultural customers, in his previous job with Kenya’s power company, who were making good money growing a hardy, native tree.

  • Combating Desertification: Awareness, National Mitigation & Innovation

    03/30/2019 clip Andariya

    By Leena Yassin This story was made possible thanks to support from InfoNile and Internews’ Earth Journalism Network. Desertification is mainly a result of climate and human pressure on earth. Over the last four decades, desertification has been spreading rapidly in Sudan, which forced many farmers and their families to abandon their homes in search of a better land to […]

  • Desertification Speaks

    03/28/2019 clip Andariya

    “Everyone is fighting against me. They think I’m bad. They don’t understand how desperately I want to settle.” A country that is experiencing both droughts and floods. Sudan’s temperature is projected to rise between 1.1 °C and 3.1 °C by 2060, making escaping the dire social and economical consequences of desertification even more challenging. We […]

  • Concern Over Small Towns as Water Day is Celebrated

    03/22/2019 clip The Standard

    Emerging small towns have been identified as a direct threat to water, sanitation and hygiene sustainability. As the World Water Day is celebrated today, figures show Kenya’s per capita for water is dwindling rapidly.Haphazard development can only strain water resources more; there has been an 80 per cent drop in the past 45 years.Addressing the […]


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