Spotlight on Kenya’s ambitions to control wildlife crime

In July 1989, the Kenyan Government made historical international news headlines by burning seized wildlife products. At least 12 tonnes of ivory went up in flames, a signal that the government is committed to stamping out elephant and rhino poaching. 

Vultures: The Third Eye Faces Extinction in Kenya

Africa’s vultures are on a steep slide towards extinction.
Six of Africa’s 11 vulture species are in a higher extinction risk category.
Between 2000 and 2020, 257 poisoning cases involving the death of 8,172 individual wildlife species were recorded, among them 775 vultures.

Read about the first-ever and only Vultures Sanctuary in Africa called Kwenia Vultures Sanctuary

Pangolins in the Dock

The pangolin is the world’s most trafficked mammal. No one truly knows its conservation status in Kenya. When COVID-19 broke out in early 2020, some medical researchers linked coronavirus to horseshoe bats. Other researchers suspected the malayan or javan pangolin to be the intermediate host of coronavirus before it jumped to human beings. But is the pangolin really guilty as charged?