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(አማርኛ) በአፍሪካ ውቅያኖሶች ጥቅም ላይ ያተኮረ ውይይት በለንደን ይካሔዳል

Sorry, this entry is only available in Amharic.

(አማርኛ) ከፍተኛ ዝናብ በስድስት ሳምንታት የ46 ሰዎች ህይወትን ቀጥፏል

Sorry, this entry is only available in Amharic.

Ethiopia’s lakes need urgent help

Lakes in Ethiopia are on the verge of danger. According to researchers, though lakes can provide many benefits for human beings, they are not treated properly. Due to this reason people also suffered a lot. To prevent lakes from damages and keep them alive, necessary measurements should be taken, academics suggested.

Five killed in Tana River flooding

The death toll in the floods in parts of Tana River County in Kenya has risen to five after three days of heavy rains. Yesterday morning at Bilbil on the Bura-Garissa highway, a seasonal river flowing into Tana River swept away two children who were swimming in a canal in the Bura Irrigation Scheme. The […]

An Ancient River Divided
Swamp City

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