Geodata journalism. Mapping stories on water issues in the Nile Basin.

Special Projects

  • An Ancient River Divided


    Water is becoming scarcer for the half a billion people living in Africa’s Nile River basin. Will Nile countries come together to find solutions or will the shared waterway tear them apart? Journalists from around the basin explore in an original series of documentaries and podcasts.

  • Swamp City


    Special Project exploring how urbanization destroyed a critical Kampala wetland and why it matters. By Annika McGinnis and Fredrick Mugira

The Ethiopian Herald

Stories by “The Ethiopian Herald”

  • Better Tree Breeds Enhance Reforestation

    07/22/2018 clip The Ethiopian Herald

    The Ethiopian Herald Have you ever heard about improved forest tree seeds? Of course, improved seeds are common in the food crop production area. With the threats of climatic variability, the world has brought innovative ways of reforestation to overcome the harsh impacts of climate. And one of the ways to climate mitigation is using […]

  • Lake Cheleleka at risk of drying up

    06/28/2018 clip The Ethiopian Herald

      It was the area where formerly known for being centre of recreation by traditional and motor boats and giving astonishing landscape to walk all around the edge of the lake. But, now almost nearly 80 percent of the land formerly constituted by water body of the lake is dried and serving as farming plot. […]

  • Nation’s effort towards greenery program

    06/13/2018 clip The Ethiopian Herald

    The fact that biology tells us is life is the result of mutual existence. Nothing is capable to stand alone. Even human being that has the ultimate power to control the nature cannot live without the existence of plants and animals for life is the result of interdependence. Cognizant of this, Ethiopia has been implementing […]

  • Rescuing Lake Tana

    09/01/2017 clip The Ethiopian Herald

    By Dagim Terefe The spread of an invasive alien species is neither easy to manage nor easy to reverse, threatening not only biodiversity but also economic development and human wellbeing. According to the United Nation Environmental Programme (UNEP), native to the Amazon Basin in South America, water hyacinth (water weed) has emerged as a dangerous […]


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