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Special Projects

  • An Ancient River Divided


    Water is becoming scarcer for the half a billion people living in Africa’s Nile River basin. Will Nile countries come together to find solutions or will the shared waterway tear them apart? Journalists from around the basin explore in an original series of documentaries and podcasts.

  • Swamp City


    Special Project exploring how urbanization destroyed a critical Kampala wetland and why it matters. By Annika McGinnis and Fredrick Mugira

Fana Broadcast

Stories by “Fana Broadcast”

  • Landslide kills 23 in Ethiopia

    05/28/2018 clip Fana Broadcast

    Landslide in South Oromia region of Ethiopia kills 23, on Saturday. It is reported that 16 of the fatalities were women.  FANA broadcasting corporate reported that the landslide happened after hours of heavy rains in the evening.  Six people also injured and more than 30 domestic animals killed.

  • Ethiopia cancelled MIDROC Gold Mine license

    05/10/2018 clip Fana Broadcast

    Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mines, petroleum and natural gas today cancelled recently renewed controversial license of MIDROC Gold, which is owned by Ethio Saudi Arabian billionaire Mohamed Al Amoudi. The decision is made after protesters took the street and complained that the MIDROC Gold Mine in Legedenbi, Oromia region of Southern Ethiopia, polluted the area.


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