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Special Projects

  • What Is Eating up MV Liemba’s Dock Space at Lake Tanganyika?


    An InfoNile Original Feature  By Prosper Kwigize For the past 100 years, smooth docking at Kigoma Harbor of Lake Tanganyika was almost daily routine for MV Liemba, one of the world’s oldest ships, manufactured about 100 years ago in Germany. But now things have changed. Near-flawless docking is impossible! The lake is shrinking. The shoreline […]

  • An Ancient River Divided


    Water is becoming scarcer for the half a billion people living in Africa’s Nile River basin. Will Nile countries come together to find solutions or will the shared waterway tear them apart? Journalists from around the basin explore in an original series of documentaries and podcasts.

  • Swamp City


    Special Project exploring how urbanization destroyed a critical Kampala wetland and why it matters. By Annika McGinnis and Fredrick Mugira

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  • ‘We have suffered enough.’ Sudanese farmers abandon farming as desertification burns their farms

    07/30/2018 clip Andariya

    By: Leena Yassin Desertification is mainly a result of climate and human pressure on earth. Over the last four decades, desertification has been spreading rapidly in Sudan, which forced many farmers and their families to abandon their homes in search of a better land to live on. One of the many factors that contributed greatly to the acceleration of […]

  • Massive dumping of used vehicles in Africa worsen climate change – Study


    A new study conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, India has shown that 90 per cent of vehicles imported by Africans contribute to environmental pollution because they are old and used. The center said the vehicles heighten climate change because they emit toxic pollutants calling for an urgent global intervention […]

  • Killing of Grand Renaissance Dam Manager Won’t Stop Ethiopia from Building the Dam – PM Abiy Ahimed


    Konjit Teshome (Addis Ababa) Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has vowed that the killing of the Grand Renaissance Dam Manager Engineer Simegnew Bekele, who was found dead on Thursday in Addis Ababa, will not stop Ethiopia from building the Nile Dam. Abiy Ahimed who started his first U.S tour on Thursday, addressed Ethiopian diaspora community in America on […]

  • Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam Manager Killed in Addis Ababa


    Konjit Teshome (Addis Ababa) The project manager of the dam being built by Ethiopia along the Nile River Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been shot dead. Simegnew Bekele, who served as GERD project manager for the last seven years, was found shot dead in his Toyota Land Cruiser, which had been parked near a […]

  • Better Tree Breeds Enhance Reforestation

    07/22/2018 clip The Ethiopian Herald

    The Ethiopian Herald Have you ever heard about improved forest tree seeds? Of course, improved seeds are common in the food crop production area. With the threats of climatic variability, the world has brought innovative ways of reforestation to overcome the harsh impacts of climate. And one of the ways to climate mitigation is using […]

  • Ethiopia Invests US$ 31.4 Million in Innovative Next-Generation Solar Refrigerators for Vaccines

    07/20/2018 clip Water Journalists Africa

    Water Journalists Africa The Federal Ministry of Health has procured over 6,000 Solar Direct Drive (SDD) refrigerators for health posts and woreda (district) health offices in areas without reliable electricity. The devices will store vaccines at health facilities which will help keep millions of children alive and healthy. The Federal Ministry of Health fully funded […]

  • Climate Change: A Real Threat to Humanity

    07/19/2018 clip Andariya

    By: Leena Yassin Life on Earth depends almost entirely on energy coming from the Sun. Half of the light reaching the Earth’s atmosphere makes its way to the surface where it is absorbed and then radiated upwards in the form of infrared heat. About 90% of the heat coming from the sun is absorbed by greenhouse […]

  • Dp Ruto Orders Squatters to vacate Mau Forest


    The Government has ordered 600 families who have encroached on the Maasai Mau forest to leave. Deputy President William Ruto, who spoke at the weekend at Sogoo High School in Narok South where part of the forest is located, asked the squatters to move out, saying environmental conservation was crucial for the country. The move […]


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