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Special Projects

  • What Is Eating up MV Liemba’s Dock Space at Lake Tanganyika?


    An InfoNile Original Feature  By Prosper Kwigize For the past 100 years, smooth docking at Kigoma Harbor of Lake Tanganyika was almost daily routine for MV Liemba, one of the world’s oldest ships, manufactured about 100 years ago in Germany. But now things have changed. Near-flawless docking is impossible! The lake is shrinking. The shoreline […]

  • Pond saves Mara River from gold mining pollution

    06/02/2018 clip Daily News (TZ)

    “By Jacob Mugini The road leading to Murito meanders through small and large scale agricultural farms but reaches this once infamous village in Tarime, Mara region of Northern Tanzania. Two years ago, before a gold refining pond was constructed in this village, Murito was like any other remote villages in northern Tanzania. But now, this […]

  • An Ancient River Divided


    Water is becoming scarcer for the half a billion people living in Africa’s Nile River basin. Will Nile countries come together to find solutions or will the shared waterway tear them apart? Journalists from around the basin explore in an original series of documentaries and podcasts.

  • Swamp City


    Special Project exploring how urbanization destroyed a critical Kampala wetland and why it matters. By Annika McGinnis and Fredrick Mugira

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  • Water hyacinth, a threat to Lake Tana


    Amhara region authority of environment, forest and wild animals said that unless measurements can be taken to control the invasive water hyacinth in lake Tana, it might occur in other areas of the country and cause destruction.

  • Kisilu: The Climate Diaries

    06/28/2018 clip Aljazeera

    We follow a Kenyan farmer for more than four years as he captures the human impact of climate change. Climate change is affecting all regions of the globe, but some places are more vulnerable than others. Parts of East Africa are already seeing the effects of climate instability, with those dependent on farming for their […]

  • Lake Cheleleka at risk of drying up

    06/28/2018 clip The Ethiopian Herald

      It was the area where formerly known for being centre of recreation by traditional and motor boats and giving astonishing landscape to walk all around the edge of the lake. But, now almost nearly 80 percent of the land formerly constituted by water body of the lake is dried and serving as farming plot. […]

  • Our water, our future

    06/27/2018 clip UN environment

    How women are pushing national change in one of Africa’s smallest nations. While the idea of an island may call to mind the image of a beach paradise, for the world’s 51 Small Island Developing States this is all too often a fragile idyll. Small, often economically at the mercy of their larger neighbours and […]

  • Exploring the nature of resilience: A trip down Kenya’s Athi River

    06/25/2018 clip UN environment

    The Athi River starts in the iconic Ngong Hills that rise above Nairobi. It flows past the bustling metropolis and through Kenya’s largest national park, Tsavo East, until it finally reaches the Indian Ocean. The river, its tributaries and riverbanks are the source of irrigation and drinking water for millions of people, and wildlife. Its […]

  • Pain of Green Park families who have to move after sinking savings in houses

    06/19/2018 clip The Standard

    Sixty-nine year-old Francis Opiyo only wanted a home where he could retire peacefully after serving as the Officer Commanding Police Division in Nyando. From his retirement benefits he managed to buy a house at the upmarket Green Park Estate that is located in Athi River for Sh6 million. The year was 2006.But his dream for […]

  • Nation’s effort towards greenery program

    06/13/2018 clip The Ethiopian Herald

    The fact that biology tells us is life is the result of mutual existence. Nothing is capable to stand alone. Even human being that has the ultimate power to control the nature cannot live without the existence of plants and animals for life is the result of interdependence. Cognizant of this, Ethiopia has been implementing […]


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