New Opening: InfoNile Kenya Coordinator/Translator is a collaborative cross-border group of geojournalists with a mission to uncover critical stories on water and environment in the Nile River Basin of Africa through data-based multimedia storytelling. We are a part of Water Journalists Africa, the largest network of water journalists on the African continent.

InfoNile Kenya Coordinator Job Description:

InfoNile is seeking a journalist from Kenya to help coordinate InfoNile activities in Kenya, translate InfoNile content into Kiswahili, increase the reach of stories and build networks and partnerships. Coordinators will also be in charge of securing media house content partners, mobilizing journalists and scientists to join the network, and translating other communications content.


The coordinator will work independently and on their own time but with oversight and mentorship from the InfoNile team, whose main office is based in Uganda. This is a part-time job: Coordinators are expected to work approximately 5 hours a week.


  • Translate up to 30 stories or website posts a year into Swahili 
  • Translate selected social media posts and communications content into Swahili and tag relevant organizations/individuals in your country or region 
  • Share stories with online and offline networks and media houses for greater reach
  • Secure content partnerships with media houses, organizations and freelance journalists in your country or region 
    • Pitch InfoNile original stories and projects to be republished on these media houses
    • Request the media houses to allow InfoNile to republish some of their stories 
  • Conduct research and make contact with relevant authorities to obtain data related to water, environment and climate change issues to be visualized as interactive maps and other data visualizations
  • Pitch original science and data-based stories around water and environmental issues in your country/region
  • Mobilize journalists and scientists in your country and the region to join the InfoNile/Water Journalists Africa network;
  • Market and raise awareness about InfoNile and our stories through relevant networks and communication channels.


  • Residency in Kenya
  • Translation skills between English and Swahili
  • Strong social media skills and following
  • Broad and diverse networks with media houses and journalists in Kenya
  • Broad and diverse networks with scientists in Kenya
  • Knowledge, experience and interest in issues of water and the environment in the Nile Basin
  • At least two years’ experience working in/with the media
  • Be a strong self-starter and able to work independently and with self-initiative
  • Strong communications and writing skills
  • Fluency in English
  • Fluency in Swahili

How to Apply:

Send a cover letter, CV and any additional material to by Friday, 27th August 2021.

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