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  • Cracking down on illegal fishing gear in Lake Victoria bears fruit


    By Nyamiti Kayora and Sylvester Bulengela In Nyamatongo village, Sengerema District of Mwanza Province can be found Joseph Kando Mkama, a well known fisherman, who goes by the name “The Dove” among his contemporaries. He has just been caught by law enforcers in possession of illegal fishing nets worth more than 1 billion Tanzanian shillings […]

  • Floods in in Somali region displaced 98.000 people

    05/22/2018 clip Ethiopian Reporter

    Raging floods in the Shabelle Zone of Ethiopia’s Somali region have affected 162.000 people, and displaced 92.000 people of these, in May. UN office for coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Ethiopia revealed that floods, caused by heavy rains, in Shabelle Zone destroyed 5.000 homes. Related

  • African cities commit to reaching zero carbon by 2050


    At a meeting in Nigeria this week, nine African cities pledged to cut carbon emissions to zero within the next three decades. The cities include major Africa capitals and urban centres, such as Accra, Cape Town, Lagos, and Johannesburg. Adjei Sowah, Mayor of Accra, said his city’s citizens are “becoming more aware” of the impacts […]

  • What are the Components of Solar Systems?


    Mohamed ElHaj The solar panel converts solar energy to electricity (dc current or dc electricity). After that, this electricity passes through the regulator to the battery. The basic regulator’s function is to control the battery charging processes and maintain an appropriate level of power current that is stored in the battery. The sun does not […]

  • Karuma Hydropower Project nears Completion

    05/15/2018 clip Water Journalists Africa

    Water Journalists Africa As the 600 MW Karuma Hydropower project edges towards completion, a crucial milestone is currently underway – the installation of hydro mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment. This set of equipment includes the turbine and associate parts like the bottom ring, head cover, wicket gate, turbine shaft, rotor and stator etc. “We are currently […]

  • Water in the Vision of Egypt 2030 and Ethiopia 2020


    Abeer Rabei The development problem is that a single recipe is suitable for all developing countries. The structural adjustment programs of the 1990s were then replaced by the eight Millennium Development Goals at the beginning of the twenty-first century and with the expiry of the time horizon to be achieved in 2015, the sustainable development […]

  • Nile Media Debates: Getting Sudan in the Picture

    05/11/2018 clip Flows

    EMANUELE FANTINI · May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day was celebrated all around the world. Two special – and personal – mentions: the first one for my colleague Iginio Gagliardone (University of Wits, Johannesburg), lead researchers with Nicole Streamlau (University of Oxford) and Monroe Price (University of Pennsylvania), of the UNESCO report World Trends in Freedom of […]


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