In 2021, InfoNile with funding from IHE Delft Water and Development Partnership Programme supported 10 journalists from nine countries to document everyday water stories around the Nile River and its tributaries. Published under the hashtag #EverydayNile,  the photojournalism outreach project captures everyday life in the Nile Basin countries and aims at promoting cooperation and understanding of the water issues around the Nile River as a shared natural resource.

#EverydayNile Regional Photography Exhibitions


Regional Exhibition in Cairo; 14th- 20th July 2022

InfoNile with support from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education will  host a regional gallery exhibition in Cairo to showcase #EverydayNile; a photojournalism initiative from 12th-19th June 2022 in Cairo, Egypt.

The exhibition will showcase photographs capturing everyday life around the Nile in Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt as captured by the 10 #EverydayNile Photo-journalists.

The gallery will be officially open on Tuesday 14th at 19:00 at the Goethe Institute in Cairo.

Thereafter the photojournalists will participate in an open dialogue and engage with water and environment scientists.

Register for the event here

#EverydayNile Community Photography Exhibitions

Community Exhibition at Rusinga Island, Kenya- 19th -21st May 2022

InfoNile is exhibiting Anthony Ochieng’s Gallery Climate-Smart Fishemrmen on Rusinga Island, Kenya.

Community Exhibition at Ripon Landing Site, Jinja Uganda- 16th March 2022

In March 2022, InfoNile organized a Community exhibition at Ripon Landing site to showcase Miriam Watsemba’s gallery, Sinking Land.

#EverydayNile Photo Stories

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Finding The Sugarland: A journey of roots by the Nile (Photo-story)

By Asmaa Gamal. Available in English and Arabic

Over the course of many years, many children of Upper Egypt have migrated to the north in search of job opportunities and the formation of their families, but the majority of them still embark on an annual journey from north to south, returning to their roots and the villages and homes of their fathers

44 crossing road

The Silent Witness; Photo Map (Burundi)

By Selecous and Helena. Available in English and French.

Two photojournalists tracked the Nile River’s flow through Burundi from its source to the point it leaves the country. Here are the stories they encountered along the way.


The Drinking Trucks: In a city that borders River Nile, Covid-19 curbs access to clean water for South Sudanese (Photo Story)

By Ding Magot. Available in English and Arabic.

The Drinking Trucks is a photo- story that documents how South Sudanese in Juba city access water from the Nile River.


Elusive commodity: Documenting the pain communities in Goma, DR Congo go through to take water home (Photo Story)

By Guerchom Ndebo. Available in English and French

Only 42% of DRC’s 81 million population has access to safe water. In this photo story, Guerchom Ndebo documents the woes that residents of the villages surrounding the volcano, including Goma city suburbs, face as they struggle to bring water home for consumption, sanitation, and hygiene services.

Climate Smart Fishermen 155 1 1024x683 1
Powering the ‘Ghost Town’ of Rusinga Island: Fishermen in Lake Victoria, Kenya take action on climate change (PHOTO STORY)

By Anthony Ochieng. Available in English and Swahili

This story documents how fishermen in Rusinga Island, Kenya are using solar-powered lamps to catch the traditional silverfish instead of kerosene lamps.

Mekonnen Teshome Nile in Ethiopia 17 1024x680 1
Washing Away The ‘Blue Gold’ of Ethiopia (PHOTO STORY)

By Mekonnen Teshome. Available in English and Amharic

This photo story explores the severe soil degradation, soil erosion, and deforestation around Jamma River in central Ethiopia, which is the biggest tributary of the Blue Nile.

IMG 0560 4 1024x683 1
Sinking Land: Man and water collide as floods overtake landing site in Uganda (In Photos)

By Miriam Watsemba. Available in English and Swahili

Sinking Land explores the bittersweet relationship between man and water for the people living at Ripon landing site, which is the closest site to the actual source of the Nile River within Lake Victoria, Uganda.

IMG 0928
It Is Still Home (Photo Story)

By Martha Tadesse. Available in English and Amharic

A tale of humanity and resilience in Gambella, Ethiopia, where thousands make the annual journey to return home after floods