Mother Nature – Spoken Word

A poem for mother earth by Mukisa Godfrey I was born in the lightBefore the incomparable beauty of natureTo be

A Ugandan city powered by solar welcomes COP26 agenda to speed up affordable cleantech

“Mbarara is much brighter than it used to be. The areas that used to be no-go zones are now peaceful. Places where rapists lived and waylaid their victims in darkness, are now lit and peaceful,” notes Vincent Ayebare, a Boda Boda commercial motorcycle rider. 

THE DRINKING TRUCKS: In a city that borders River Nile, Covid-19 curbs access to clean water for South Sudanese (Photo Story)

The Drinking Trucks is a photo- story that documents how South Sudanese in Juba city access water from the Nile River.

Aerial Piped Water Improving Lives in Kenya’s Kibera Slum

An aerial piped system in Kibera Slums system allows piped water to flow in the air above the houses instead of the usual underground design. It was then directed to automatic water vending machines.

Rising Levels of Lake Victoria displacing communities in Uganda

By Richard Drasimaku OBONGI, NORTHERN UGANDA: Nov 17, 2021 From the far-flung horizon, the setting sun illuminates the skyline, its rays

Can Recycling Save Victoria from Plastic Pollution?

Wetlands play a crucial role in purifying the water in the lake and run-off by filtering it. But most of those surrounding Lake Victoria — especially on the Uganda side, have been opened up for farming and settlements.

Elusive commodity: Documenting the pain communities in Goma, DR Congo go through to take water home (Photo Story)

Only 42% of DRC’s 81 million population has access to safe water. In this photo story, Guerchom Ndebo documents the woes that residents of the villages surrounding the volcano, including Goma city suburbs, face as they struggle to bring water home for consumption, sanitation, and hygiene services.  

Charcoal Burners Turn into Enviromental Conservationists in Kenya

By Linah Mwamachi Here is a story about eight reformed charcoal burners in Makina, Taita Taveta County in Kenya, who

Uganda’s Mbale Forest on Brink of Destruction In Favour of Development

By Javier Silas Omagor   For decades, Mbale central forest reserve also known as Mutoto forest has environmentally been an ecosystem