Sucked Dry: Foreign Land Deals Threaten to Impair River Nile, Displace Millions

WHO OWNS THE WATERS OF THE NILE? A yearlong cross-border data journalism investigation about large-scale foreign land deals in the Nile

Combating Desertification: Awareness, National Mitigation & Innovation

Leena Yassin By Leena Yassin This story was made possible thanks to support from InfoNile and Internews’ Earth Journalism Network. Desertification is

Desertification Speaks

“Everyone is fighting against me. They think I’m bad. They don’t understand how desperately I want to settle.” A country

Khartoum pollution. Environmental culture is absent

Khartoum raised its head, hoping that her illness get treated among the last set of constitutional amendments … but nothing

Environmental Challenges in Sudan

The environmental challenges facing Sudan — a country in east Africa with an area of 1.88 million square kilometers — are major.

Coral Reefs of the Red Sea – Hanging In There!

Maha Khalil By: Maha Khalil If you happened to be on a SCUBA diving or snorkeling trip to the Great Barrier Reef,

Eastern Nile Basin. Journalists are not suffering alone

Ishraqa Abbas Ishraqa Abbas Journalists are not the only ones who face great challenges in terms of Nile water information.

Solar Energy in Sudan: The Beginning

Mohamed Alhaj Mohamed Alhaj Why talk about solar energy in Sudan? The topic is due to three main reasons: 1.

Tuti Island .. Welcoming the Nile Flood

Abeer Rabye Abeer Rabye Between Blue Nile and White Nile The island of Tuti is located in the Sudanese capital