Sudan, After the Flood (In Photos)

Photographer Roger Anis spends two weeks traveling to villages in Sudan that were devastated by the extreme floods of 2020.

‘Sugypia’ by Ethiopia’s Eyayu Genet: Art for the Nile

Ethiopian artist Eyayu Genet uses his art and paintings to showcase transboundary issues and importance of the Nile.

Khartoum farmers turn to effective microorganisms technology, a green approach to soil inoculation, to adapt to climate change

Effective Microorganisms (EM) technology is a Japanese innovation being used in Sudan to improve soil quality, crop growth, and crop yields.

Green charcoal to save forests in Burundi

Delphin Kaze, 23, a young man from Gitega, Burundi’s second largest city, located in the Nile basin, has found an alternative to preserve the tree. He makes ecological charcoal from maize stalks.

Tanzania’s famous Chimpanzee in danger of extinction

Chimpanzees are facing the threat of extinction due to an increase in deaths and other threats including habitat destruction (natural forests) depletion of reserves, food shortages as well as disease.

Simple solutions for stubborn problems: Communities close to Kenya’s Tsavo National Park plant trees to save wildlife

Several farmers in Kenya are crying foul of wild animals destroying their food and crops. Communities around the Tsavo park have turned to tree planting as an innovation to end human-wildlife conflicts

Kenyan Conservancies Unable to Pay Leased Land amid COVID-19 Linked Drop in Tourism Revenue

So far Kenya has lost 80 per cent in revenues from tourism and 90 per cent from international arrivals since March this year

Grey headed gulls flying
Uganda’s Musambwa Island, the World’s Largest Breeding Colony for Grey-headed Gulls, Devastated by Floods amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Musambwa Island, the World’s Largest Breeding Colony for Grey-headed Gulls Devastated by Floods amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

Dry rocky lake shore, with a forest in the backyard
Tanzania’s Manyara Lake is drying up. Here’s why

Over the last 20 years, Lake Manyara has shrunk by over 90%.