A Ugandan Community United By Climate Change and Photographs

Miriam Watsemba documented the impacts of the rising water levels at Ripon landing site and how the community was adapting to the adverse effects including floods. As she produced her story, she went through a 6-month photojournalism training and mentorship program with InfoNile.

Seedballs Aiding Kenya’s Reforestation Efforts

When the seedballs are thrown on the planting ground, they stay in the ball until it rains. The rain water dissolves the charcoal dust coating leaving the seed in its natural environment thereby triggering the germination process.

Cross-Border Collaborations at the Centre of Water and Environment Reporting

InfoNile facilitated this workshop in order to bridge the gap between editors and reporters, science and journalism, and promote cross-border collaborations amongst the different countries and media platforms – which is critically important when reporting about a transboundary water body such as Lake Victoria.

Climate change exacerbates flooding in Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Lake Nakuru is one of the three shallow, alkaline lakes at the bottom of Kenya’s Rift Valley where African Lesser Flamingos can be found. Thousands of flamingos can be found in Lake Nakuru throughout the year, and sometimes more than a million could be seen at once