Covid-19 demolishes agriculture in South Sudan

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, livelihoods and agricultural production have been significantly disrupted, forcing many people from their homes in search of food.


Kenya: October rains likely to delay

The weather department notes that most parts of the country are likely to experience rain onset between the fourth week of October and the second week of November 2022. However, some parts of the country including Highlands West of the Rift Valley are expected to continue receiving rainfall.


How safe is it to drink rainwater?

A recent study highlighted the widespread presence of PFAS in rainwater, from the Tibetan Plateau to Antarctica, and noted that according to recently published health advisories, rainwater everywhere could be considered unsafe to drink.


Spotlight on Kenya’s ambitions to control wildlife crime

In July 1989, the Kenyan Government made historical international news headlines by burning seized wildlife products. At least 12 tonnes of ivory went up in flames, a signal that the government is committed to stamping out elephant and rhino poaching.