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The world’s fastest growing plant is harming the fishing industry, agriculture, and local tourism in northwestern Ethiopia, the source of the Blue Nile.

What Is Eating up MV Liemba’s Dock Space at Lake Tanganyika?

An InfoNile Original Feature  By Prosper Kwigize For the past 100 years, smooth docking at Kigoma Harbor of Lake Tanganyika…

2 months ago

An Ancient River Divided

Water is becoming scarcer for the half a billion people living in Africa's Nile River basin. Will Nile countries come…

5 months ago

Swamp City

Special Project exploring how urbanization destroyed a critical Kampala wetland and why it matters. By Annika McGinnis and Fredrick Mugira

6 months ago

Health hazard looms in fishing community of Chiulu in Tanzania

Patrick Kossima, Unyanja FM Radio The constant harassment of fishermen by authorities in a beach village next to Lake Nyasa…

2 weeks ago

How untreated water led to cholera outbreak in a Tanzanian village

Patrick Kossima, Unyanja FM Radio For a long time, Lundo, a village of over 1800 people in Nyasa District, mainland…

2 weeks ago

Podcast tells the sad story of Rukwa, Tanzania’s disappearing lake

Prosper Kwigize Even though Tanzania is one of East Africa’s natural resource-rich countries, some of her people continue to use…

2 weeks ago

Tanganyika: A lake on the verge of extinction

Proper Kwigize Lake Tanganyika caters for the water needs of more than 50 million people in four countries including Tanzania,…

2 weeks ago

Is Sahara desert swallowing Sudanese villages?

By: Tagwa Warrag The Sahel region of West Africa is a unique part of Africa that exists as a thin band…

2 weeks ago

‘We have suffered enough.’ Sudanese farmers abandon farming as desertification burns their farms

By: Leena Yassin Desertification is mainly a result of climate and human pressure on earth. Over the last four decades, desertification has been spreading…

2 weeks ago

Massive dumping of used vehicles in Africa worsen climate change – Study

A new study conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, India has shown that 90 per…

3 weeks ago

Killing of Grand Renaissance Dam Manager Won’t Stop Ethiopia from Building the Dam – PM Abiy Ahimed

Konjit Teshome (Addis Ababa) Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has vowed that the killing of the Grand Renaissance Dam Manager Engineer…

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