Liberata, the Fighter

Liberata, the Fighter

By Nitanga Tchandrou and Sara Haggag

Kabezi is a vibrant village nestled amidst rolling hills, there lives Liberata.  She sells traditional beer. She owns a small traditional bar by the beach outside the Kabezi market. 

Every morning, Liberata wakes before the sun kisses the horizon and sets to work. She fetches beer after she prepares her 7 children for school. Liberata did not finish primary school but she works hard so that her kids can study and make it in life.  

“I only make 6,000BIF (1.3 Dollars) as profit per day if only I make it and sell 60 litres of beer as I buy 20 litres for 20,000BIF and sell it 22,000BIF” she says. Compared to other traditional bars next to hers, she is struggling to get clients as much as others do because she works alone. Liberata’s husband is a farmer but with climate change, the harvest is not as good as it used to be. 

”We used to harvest more than 100kg of maize per season before, when there was enough rain which is not the case now” she mentioned.  Liberata found herself the main bread winner of the family since the little they harvest is only enough for the family’s consumption.

Liberata (left) carrying two gallons of traditional beer as she walks by the Tanganyika Lake heading to her bar
Wide view of Kabezi market
Wide view of the outside Kabezi Market where traditional beer is sold.
wide view of kabezi market different view
A different view of the Kabezi Market where traditional beer is sold.

A woman pours beer in a bar next to Liberata’s bar that is full of clients
Liberats son
Liberata’s son working in her mother’s bar. Liberata has 7 children and each of them has a day to  help her out

Liberata posing outside her bar
Liberata poses for a photo in her bar outside the Kabezi Market.
Detail shot of beer
A detailed shot of traditional beer
Lake Tanganyika
The shores of Lake Tanganyika which serve as the water source for beer brewers

This story was produced with support from InfoNile and MICT under the 2024 #EverydayNile Project.

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