Mother Nature – Spoken Word

Mother Nature – Spoken Word

A poem for mother earth by Mukisa Godfrey

I was born in the light
Before the incomparable beauty of nature
To be the voice for the voiceless

But due to countless disappointments from us
Mother Nature is dying softly
She needs everyone to speak
And fight on her behalf
To breathe life to us again

If we can only stand firm
To teach and educate all human race
From a young stage

Seasons change
But humans should never change
To harm the earth with her beauties

Trees are the major earth roots
That breathes life into the earth
And from the earth to pollution’s plight
We need to be one
And assent against deforestation

As we walk a journey of faith
Flickering light shouldn’t tear us apart
To the drowning side
But uniting Bold
For the sake of the environment

Leaders who are less concerned
Should reflect over MotherNature
Otherwise, she’s burning, sobbing
And calling to let us know that

If we don’t change
Climate change
Will obliterate us all

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