A year after the Kasese floods, victims still live in camps

A year after the Kasese floods, victims still live in camps

Andrew Aijuka, May 06, 2021

In Uganda’s southwestern district of Kasese, floods rip through valleys, creating paths of destruction almost every year, leaving communities displaced and in dire need of food, shelter, and safety. 

In May 2020, for example, River Nyamwamba burst its banks leading to floods that caused havoc in Kanyangeya village. Over 10000 people were affected by the floods that struck on May 05, 2020

As if this was not enough, the same district experienced torrential rains in subsequent days, causing further flooding that left at least eight people dead. 

A year later, up to 1670 people displaced by these floods are still being hosted in a camp at Mohokya, where the government of Uganda resettled them.

The secretary-general for Mohokya camp., says the condition in which these environmental and climate refugees live is appalling. 

“There is only a single water point (tap) providing water for over 4000 people. This causes conflicts among locals and the displaced camp,”  he insists.

Insigoma Joseph, the Kasese district planner, assures residents of a resettlement plan by the government. He says apparently, the Mohokya displacement camp acts only as a transit point from where the government plans to resettle all those affected by the floods.

Kule Mande, the head of the camp, decries the poor conditions in which these displaced persons live.

He, in particular, laments the lack of a health facility.

And also, residents continue to express worry over their children’s education after some of the schools in this community were destroyed by the floods. 

Relatedly, social distancing in the overcrowded camp and handwashing in the area that faces water shortage are impossible for the many, which could lead to widespread of Covid-19 pandemic in cases it breaks out there.

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