Water hyacinth, a threat to Lake Tana

Water hyacinth, a threat to Lake Tana

Konjit Teshome

Amhara region authority of environment, forest and wild animals said that unless measurements can be taken to control the invasive water hyacinth in lake Tana, it might occur in other areas of the country and cause destruction.

The water hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes, locally known as ‘Enboch’, after it occurred in Lake Tana, currently it appeared in south and South West parts of the Ethiopia.

The director of environment, forest and animal authority at Amhara state, Dr. Belayneh Ayele told Ethiopian News Agency that, the water weed can be spread easily to other areas of the country.

‘’Unless it can be controlled by any means, the water hyacinth may also affect the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)’’ said Dr. Belayneh.  He also noted that, due to the current climate change, other unknown water hyacinth may occur in the country.

Therefore, according to Dr. Belayneh, an institution, which can prevent and control such kind of problem, should be established at national level.


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