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Water conflicts in Africa are exacerbated by climate change

Sunday June 10th, 2018

Not far from the historical city of Timbuktu, the livestock breeders Kidan and his wife and daughter live peacefully, isolated from the city controlled by an extremist group. However, this isolation ends with a fisherman killing one of Kidan’s cows because of the destruction of fishing nets while drinking from the Niger River. Kidan rushes to fight the hunter and teach him a lesson about the right of everyone to exploit the water, the clash ends with the accidental death of the latter, and the shepherd and his family become vulnerable to the chase.

This supposed conflict over water, is made by Mauritanian director Abdel Rahman Sisako a detailed event in his film Timbuktu. In his film, Sisako does not shy away from the frequent events in many African countries because of the dispute over water rights, whether those events are between rival communities or between neighboring countries


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