Water in the Vision of Egypt 2030 and Ethiopia 2020

Water in the Vision of Egypt 2030 and Ethiopia 2020

عبير ربيع

Abeer Rabei

The development problem is that a single recipe is suitable for all developing countries. The structural adjustment programs of the 1990s were then replaced by the eight Millennium Development Goals at the beginning of the twenty-first century and with the expiry of the time horizon to be achieved in 2015, the sustainable development goals set for 2030 To achieve them.

It is true that the vision of development expanded so as not only to raise the rate of growth of national output only, and incorporated other dimensions such as health, education, environment and gender as they are factors affecting the performance and productivity of the national economy of the state. The method of preparing the development strategy and mechanisms for following up the implementation of the goals and evaluating them has differed to allow attendance and sometimes more participation of representatives of the community groups.

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