The Nile .. Ethiopian and Egyptian tales

The Nile .. Ethiopian and Egyptian tales

Abeer Rabei

The Nile River or more accurately the Blue Nile is called “The Abaye” in the Amharic language. And In 2011 Abay vs Vegas; an Ethiopian film was released , which deals with the Ethiopian youth’s dream of emigrating to the United States and is matched by the dream of Ethiopian immigrants returning home. It is a social comedy film that lasts for nearly two hours. In which the heroine of the movie “Menna” emigrates to the United States to bring her blind brother after that and undergo surgery to restore his eyesight, and every time the visa application is rejected, until the solution in being with the rich Ethiopian young man named Salsawi who lives in the city In which he and his brother are organizing awareness campaigns among the Ethiopian community in the United States of America so that they can raise funds to build schools and health units and provide services and thus prepare the country for their return and stability.

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